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Five Review Roundup

Five has been officially available for a week now, so how about some reviews?  Here's a collection of everything we've seen so far from all around the globe....

Early Reviews for Hollywood Undead’s V Posted

As the launch date for V continues to get closer, early reviews and impressions for the album have started to show up. The first review comes by way of Nik...

AXS Presents: “5 Things You Didn’t Know About Hollywood Undead”

In honor of the band announcing their new album V, the fine folks over at AXS have compiled a list of five things you may not have known about Hollywood Undead.

Introducing Pfeifer Drum Co.

Avid Hollywood Undead fans who remember the American Tragedy record cycle will recall the bevy of changes the band's sophomore album brought with it.  New sounds, new singer, new masks, new...
Hollywood Undead & Ruben Diaz

Hollywood Undead: Making a Fan’s Dream Come True

Last week, Hollywood Undead and Johnny 3 Tears took to social media to commemorate their time with a Make-A-Wish recipient of their own, Ruben Diaz. Scene for Dummies reached out to Ruben to get his take on his very own personal wish come true.
Death of Shady Jeff

“The Death of Shady Jeff”

In the most recent portion of our conversation with Jeff, we tackled one of the oldest urban legends surrounding Hollywood Undead; the infamous “Death of Shady Jeff” in a gruesome car accident.