Towards the end of December, Hollywood Undead took a break from studio time working on their sixth album to chat with the famous cannabis publication High Times live over Instagram.

While the recording of the live streams from the High Times and official HU IG accounts are both gone now (we’ll continue to keep an eye out for a stream being mirrored elsewhere), Scene for Dummies has you covered with notes that were taken live during the stream.

HU discussed their goals for 2019, including the new album, touring, and launching their own cannabis brand, Dove and Grenade.

So in case you missed the livestream, here’s a quick recap of everything the band discussed with High Times while the cameras were rolling-

  • Stream came online just a minute or two after 4:20
  • J-Dog, Charlie Scene, Funny Man & Danny are present with Brian Cox, Fudd Rukus and the High Times staff
  • J-Dog discussing the licensing process and issues involving the cannabis industry.
  • Going to offer products in California to start, but over-saturated and lots of regulations, may launch the DnG brand in Oklahoma to start, less competitive.
  • Funny likes hybrids, uses it daily on the road, etc. J-Dog agrees, likes the relaxation of hybrids as well.
  • Fudd Rukus is operating the IG stream for HU’s account as well.
  • Group discussing their favorite products/methods/etc.
  • Hostess provides sunglasses you can smoke out of for band members, Charlie reacts “You’ve gotta be shitting me”.
  • Charlie got in trouble with having weed at the Canadian border, found a small piece under his bunk on the tour bus and the border agents went off.
  • Charlie talks about how Scene/Sheen have the same b-day.
  • Moving stream outside so they can smoke, Charlie singing “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire”.
  • Pulling out Dove and Grenade Gorilla Glue.
  • Doesn’t look like J3T is there today.
  • Possibly a show in Brazil next year according to J-Dog, but didn’t sound like a sure thing.
  • Brian also there filming.
  • Touring with Cypress Hill in February for West Coast High Tour.
  • J-Dog remembers going to a Cypress Hill show in LA and not smoking but getting so high from just being in the crowd.
  • Trying to finish new album, Danny very impressed with how its turning out. Editing the drums, and wrapping up recording, says they basically wrapped up today, but not clear if he means drum editing or all of recording.
  • Funny, J and Danny playing basketball in parking lot.
  • Charlie mentions they’ve been recording at the Madden studios and says they’re featured on their new record, but did not go into specifics.
  • Streams wrap up
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