Happy Friday the 13th!  The fourth music video and single off of is upon us!  “We Own the Night” is packed with two-member verses, gang vocals backing a powerful Danny-driven chorus, and a creepy synthetic organ line that marches along to give this new song that macabre Halloween feel.

You can watch the new music video above, or stream it on most popular services like Spotify.  Listeners who have pre-ordered the digital version of the album should be getting free downloads of the song from most major e-tailers.  If you haven’t yet preordered, it’s not too late, or you can just opt to purchase “We Own the Night” by itself as a single track.

“We Own the Night” was co-written by Hollywood Undead and longtime HU producer Sean Gould.  Gould is best known for previous singles like “Hear Me Now”, “Day of the Dead”, “Usual Suspects”, and “California Dreaming”.  Production credits are forthcoming, but it is safe to assume Gould was also involved in production for this track.

Drums on this track were performed by Good Charlotte drummer Dean Butterworth.  Butterworth previously provided studio session drums for numerous songs from American Tragedy including “Been to Hell”, “Pour Me”, “Lump Your Head”, “Le Deux”, “Glory”, and “Gangsta Sexy”.

The new music video was shot during the same time as the video for “California Dreaming” back in late Summer 2017, and was directed by Amber Park.  It appears this single and video were held back on purpose to better line up with the spookiness of October and Friday the 13th.  If you weren’t already in a Halloween mood, the video should do a good job of getting you the rest of the way there.  Interestingly enough, the audio in the video differs significantly from the single version of the song, with changes to Funny Man’s vocals, the backing chorus vocals, instrumentals, and more.  This same phenomenon presented itself way back in the day for the “Hear Me Now” video which used an alternate version of the song for the audio.  We recommend giving both versions a listen to draw more distinctions for yourselves.

We are just under two weeks away from the official release of V, keep your eyes tuned to Scene for Dummies as we continue to cover all news related to the new album.

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