Licensed accessory merch company Buckle-Down recently updated their online storefront with a new batch of Hollywood Undead items – including men’s and women’s wallets, as well as HU themed belts.  Check the full breakdown below.

Eight belt designs are currently available:
Mask Icons Scattered w/ Black/White Webbing
Dove & Grenade Icon w/ Black/Gray Webbing
HU Shatter Dove & Grenade w/ Black/White Webbing
Text Logo/Dove & Grenade Icon w/ Black/Gold Webbing
Text Logo/Striping w/ Black/Pink/White Webbing
Text Logo/Striping w/ Black/Purple/White Webbing
Text Logo/Striping w/ Black/Blue/White Webbing
Text Logo/Striping w/ Black/Gray/White Webbing



Women’s zip up wallets are also available in numerous styles.
Tri-Dove & Grenade Icon Black Gray Red
Text Logo Aura White
Dove TV Fuzz Black Pinks Blues
Comic Crew Skull Black Blues
Logo Block Aura White
Skyline Oranges Black


Finally, classic bi-fold wallets are also available in handful of choices.
Old English Skyline Oranges Black
Mask Icons Scattered Black White
HU Shatter Dove & Grenade Black White
Dove & Grenade Icon Teal Black
Dove & Grenade Logo Striping Black Gray Teal White
New Empire Vol 1 Dove Black White Grays Teal
Dove TV Fuzz Close-up Blues Pinks Black



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