J-Dog and business partner Richard Yarber recently launched a new cannabis brand – Ramshead.  Jorel took time to speak with Benjamin Adams at Forbes to talk the history behind the collaboration, the logistics of moving out to Oklahoma, how they’ve managed a grow while being environmentally conscious, and more.  The full interview can be read or listened to here via the official Forbes site.  

J also took to Instagram to share his two cents on his experience in the industry thus far-

I’ve been working in the shadows for nearly ten years now. Not many people know what i do outside the band because i like to keep my life private. Few also know the hell I’ve been through and how hard I’ve been working relentlessly, and how many failures and obstacles I’ve surpassed. What started as a side hustle to try and make some extra $ turned into a life long obsession. I might even love growing plants more then i love making music ????. It’s been so so hard to get to where we’re at and we have so far to go. There is a whole team of people I work with, where none of this would be possible without.

This is some press ive done through the years and I’ve been so hesitant to post or talk about this stuff for so long for so many reasons. A good friend of mine FaceTimed me today out of the blue and told me he exited the cannabis industry cause he got shot 3 times this year and lost everything he worked for. This industry will betray you as fast as it rewards you. So this post comes with a disclaimer:

Driver does not carry more then $20 cash. All the money I have made I have always reinvested into the bigger picture. Everything i do is legal. All $ is in the bank and i don’t have access to it. All $ is reinvested back straight into the company. The cannabis industry is in the toilet and not a lot of money is being made. Sometimes it’s hard to keep the lights on. I believe in the long term vision and I’m willing to work for free or peanuts for a long time to get the pot of gold at the end which is very far away still. Just because you get write ups in Forbes doesn’t mean you made it yet. Though I’m grateful for it. With that being said, Im grateful for all the people and experiences that have gotten me to this point.



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