Band merchandise super-site Impericon has updated their storefront with a massive load of new Hollywood Undead listings, including designs previously only available on the official HU store.  Let’s break down what’s new in the threads department-

First up is the Chains Longsleeve design, available in both boys and girls cuts and featuring a red and black rendition of the Hollywood Undead: Origins cover art bound in chains with the band’s modern logo and Undead Army in red running down the sleeve.  The same design is also available in a traditional t-shirt cut in both boys and girls sizes.
Chains Longsleeve Girls     Chains Longsleeve Boys    Chains T-Shirt Girls    Chains T-Shirt Boys


Next on deck is a design that was recently added to the official Hollywood Undead store.  The Tri-Dove design features three of the band’s Dove & Grenade icon with the band name in gold font, available in both boys and girls sizes for hoodies and t-shirts.  The hoodies feature an additional print of the band’s Five black and gold mask designs printed down the sleeve.

Tri Dove Hoodie Boys    Tri Dove Hoodie Girls    Tri Dove T-Shirt Boys    Tri Dove T-Shirt Girls


Going back the Origins artwork, Impericon has also listed the Comic Army T-Shirt in both boys and girls sizes, featuring the Origins artwork in black and white with a stylized band name written above.

Comic Army T-Shirt Boys    Comic Army T-Shirt Girls


Another design we saw earlier this year is the Shattered print, featuring the HU initials on broken glass outlined with the band name and Los Angeles, available here in boys and girls t-shirts and longsleeves.  The long-sleeves also feature dual dove and grenade icons printed down the sleeves.

Shattered Boys Longsleeve    Shattered Girls Longsleeve    Shattered Boys T-Shirt    Shattered Girls T-Shirt


Another new design based off of the skull in the Hollywood Hills from the Origins comic, made to look like a classic horror movie poster, is also available in boys and girls t-shirts as well as boys and girls hoodies, featuring Undead Army in bold red font printed down the sleeve.

Horror Title Boys Hoodie   Horror Title Girls Hoodie    Horror Title Boys T-Shirt    Horror Title Girls T-Shirt


In perhaps the last gasp of Five themed merch, the site has also listed pullover tanks featuring the Dreaming Sunset flag girl design in both boys and girls cuts.

Dreaming Sunset Allover Tank Boys    Dreaming Sunset Allover Tank Girls


The next bit hearkens back to the MySpace days with the Skyline design, featuring the band initials, name and logo over sunset on the Los Angeles skyline, and you guessed it, available in boys and girls sizes!

Skyline Boys T-Shirt    Skyline Girls T-Shirt


The last bit of clothing merch is the aptly named Dove & Grenade Spiral girls t design.

Dove & Grenade Spiral T-Shirt Girls

The penultimate piece will be a nice complement to anyone who picked up the VIP flags from the last couple tours, a simple black and white HU flag.

Hollywood Undead Logo Flag


Finally, we have a similar design to the flag, but in the form of a back patch for everyone out there handy with a needle.

Hollywood Undead Stars Backpatch


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