As promised in our last Impericon post covering the Spring merch additions to the merch super-site, here’s our coverage on the Summer additions.  This drop is mostly t-shirts of a variety of new and old designs this round, with a few other pieces thrown in for good measure.

First up is the LA Triangle Basic design, featuring three Dove & Grenade emblems with an HU logo in the middle, available in both cuts-

LA Triangle Boys      LA Triangle Girls


Next is the Undead T-Shirt, featuring a stylized UNDEAD logo with the band’s name below.  Available in two cuts-

Undead Boys      Undead Unisex


The third tee features the New Empire era dove/moon artwork with some extra effects/design work applied, with lyrics for “Empire” on the reverse-

Glass Dove Girls     Glass Dove Boys


The Three Shades design features the classic Dove & Grenade emblem in a fading effect with the band name printed above-

Three Shades Boys     Three Shades Unisex


Another glass-themed design, features the band name on the front chest, with the stylized Undead logo from before printed in a box on the reverse with the Hollywood sign and Dove & Grenade emblem-

Shattered Glass Boys     Shattered Glass Unisex


The Static tee revisits an older design we’ve seen with HU, Undead, Hollywood, and the Dove & Grenade pattern in a Windows-style layout-

Static Boys     Static Girls   


Yet another repackaged design from other merch releases, the Empire tee features the white Dove & Grenade emblem in concentric, multi-colored shapes-

Empire Boys     Empire Girls


This next design is a bit of a headscratcher, as the last time one can recall HU featuring “Lose Control” in their lyrics was “Pigskin”, maybe just a cool design, maybe tied to the lyrics of an as of yet unreleased track?  Time will tell-

Lose Control Girls     Lose Control Boys


Okay, another redone design or designs in this case, featured UN-DEAD in all caps, with the BuildxAnxEmpire slogan layered below-

Build An Empire Boys     Build An Empire Girls


Speaking of the earlier Dovemoon design, another tee featuring just this piece of New Empire key-art-

Dovemoon Girls     Dovemoon Boys


Another simpler, more classic design, just featuring outlines of the band name and Dove & Grenade-

Outline Girls     Outline Boys


Alright, finally done with tees this round!  Time for a few other miscellaneous pieces, first up is the Undead Dove Cap, featuring Dove & Grenade on the front and band name on the reverse-

Undead Dove Cap


It wouldn’t be an Impericon post without a patch, here’s a simple 30cm x 15cm Hud Logo back patch.  No, I don’t know why they labeled it “Hud”-

Hud Logo Patch


Finally, revisiting a design from the Spring batch, is the 40cmx34cm Fuz Pink Backpatch-

Fuz Pink Backpatch

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