Set your calendars for April 30th – the band’s next livestream concert Hollywood Undead Unhinged is coming to cap off the month right, and a variety of merch and digital ticket options are available for preorder now, including special early bird prices for early purchases!  Check out the full breakdown below-

First up is the basic Unhinged Virtual Ticket, which grabs you access to the livestream itself.

Undead Unhinged Ticket


Want to attend Unhinged, but also want a chance to catch the previous House Party livestream?  The Ticket Bundle snags you access to the Unhinged livestream + 72 VOD access to House Party from the date of purchase.

Hollywood Undead Ticket Bundle


The first physical merch bundle includes the Unhinged ticket plus a classic Ampersand style tee featuring the band member’s stage names (and they didn’t forget about the homie Funny).

Undead Unhinged Ticket + Ampersand T-Shirt


The next physical merch bundle includes the Unhinged virtual ticket, plus a long sleeve Bling tee featuring Unhinged artwork on the front and the setlist on the reverse, plus Dove & Grenade emblems down the sleeves-

Undead Unhinged Ticket + Bling Long Sleeve Tee


For a simpler approach to design, the ticket and hoodie bundle has you covered.  With a simple red hoodie featuring the band name+location, plus Dove & Grenade emblems on the wrists.

Undead Unhinged Ticket + Clean Hoodie


You may have a closet full of merch, but what about some merch for your wall?  This bundle includes Unhinged access plus an autographed film style poster that includes the setlist from the stream.

Undead Unhinged Ticket + Autographed Premiere Poster


But what if you want both and more?  This bundle nets you the Ampersand Tee, stream access, the Premiere poster, and a digital Meet & Greet with the band.

Undead Unhinged Ticket + M&G VIP Bundle


Want even more chances to catch the House Party VOD?  Singular House Party virtual tickets are also available – again with a 72 hour expiration timer after purchase.

House Party On Demand


How about a roll of the dice?  This bundle grabs you the 72 hour House Party VOD access plus a randomly selected tee or long sleeve shirt, and one random accessory from that stream’s merch collection.  The first 100 orders for this bundle also include free D&G rolling papers.

House Party Lost & Found Shirt Bundle


Finally, in a similar fashion to the above bundle, this last bundle includes the same contents but substitutes the randomly selected House Party tee with a House Party themed hoodie.

House Party Lost & Found Hoodie Bundle


As mentioned above, all of these listings that include an Unhinged ticket are currently on Early Bird pricing, and more details on contents, international orders and more can be found on each of the individual listing links we’ve provided, or


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