Our next Hotel Kalifornia media-blitz interview comes from another familiar German outlet, metal.de.  The original article can be read in full over on metal’s site by clicking here, but we’ve also reproduced an auto-translated version for our English readers below-

Hollywood Undead Do Not Trust Anyone There has always been the dark side of a city, a place or an area. It's important to get in touch with the right people. HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD found each other and pulled each other out of shit. Between alcohol, street gangs, violence and drugs, the band from the west coast became what would later be their band, which would later work on big stages. Stuck in shit, HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD decided to make music. They left town, focusing on their careers and families. The new disc "Hotel Kalifornia" reflects this story. With West Coast attitude in the rap vocals and plenty of aggression unleashed, new release Hotel Kalifornia is an honest reckoning with the past. We caught up with Jorel "J-Dog" Decker to chat. The new album "Hotel Kalifornia" is very honest and direct and tells your story. Why did you choose this topic now? What evoked the feeling was the current situation in our home state of California. Songs are always at their best when they are of authentic origin. The current state of the world is impossible to ignore. There is no free room in the “Hotel Kalifornia”. Talking about the past, what was the most important thing you ever learned that helps you in life today? Trust no one and only count on yourself!!

"Hotel Kalifornia" shows the dark side of California. When was the moment you realized you wanted to focus on the music and needed to get away from it?
We left California and moved to a place where it's safer and easier to focus on things like family and music.

The band and fanbase "grows" with every record and song you write. How does this journey feel to you?
We never try to write the same record twice. A lot of bands seem to be trying to just recreate the songs that have made them successful. But we're always trying to make progress and keep the music fresh on every record.

When can we see you live again?
Hopefully we'll be back soon. The crowd, the stage out there, that's always been our favorite place and we're currently working on a plan to experience that with you again.
Thank you for the talk. Do you have any last words for the metal.de readers? We love you with all our hearts. Thank you for the support over the years.