Jeff Haden of Inc. took a two pronged approach with his Hollywood Undead interview earlier this year- the first half features Haden talking the New Empire project with Johnny 3 Tears and how the band juggles art with business, touring, etc.  The latter portion discusses the then up and coming Dove & Grenade Industries venture with J-Dog, where it’s going, the band’s outlook on promoting it, and more.

Check out the full two-part interview over on the official Inc. website.

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German Padilla
German became a hardcore Hollywood Undead fan following the release of American Tragedy. His involvement in the fanbase spiked significantly in 2014, kickstarting his involvement with the band and various fan communities. On the side, German has pursued a longtime career in photography, videography, and graphic design work - and he's furnished this expertise both to SCNFDM and its projects, as well as providing official work for HU and some of the band member's solo projects.