2020 was a huge year for the short-form content platform TikTok, especially with folks all around the world stuck at home looking for new ways to socialize and create content in the face of the epidemic.  Hollywood Undead also jumped on the trending platform last year, joining with their own official account partway through the year.  The band even ran a contest featuring the New Empire Vol. 1 track “Killin It” on the app that we covered back in May.  Since then, HU has mostly used their account to share rehearsal and performance clips for their House Party livestream and other promotional content.

What may surprise readers though is the band’s recent surge in popularity with some of the bands songs going semi-viral on TikTok as Sounds that other users can recycle for their own content.

Friend of the site Annie Fordragon recently went out to the site to get some of the most viewed TikTok’s featuring HU’s music, we’ve recompiled their list below for everyone to check out and see just what the most popular HU sounds and clips are.  Obviously these stats may be a bit stale by the time they’re published, but with the multi-million view counts on some of these we don’t expect them to change too dramatically in the short term-

Top Hollywood Undead Sounds:

  • “Riot” from Five
  • A Slowed-down fan remix of “Riot”
  • “Everywhere I Go” from Swan Songs

Riot: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZSTHWKgf/(43,3к videos)

Slowed-down Riot: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZSTHxGEf/ (38,4к videos)


Everywhere I Go: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZSTHxgfp/ (20,7к videos)

#HollywoodUndead on TikTok:


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