Hyped for the upcoming sixth Hollywood Undead album, New Empire, Vol. 1?  The official Hollywood Undead Store page has you covered with a variety of new pre-orders for physical copies of the album, New Empire themed merch, and bundles set for release on February 14, 2020.  Let’s break down the new offerings-

For everyone who’s been asking us about physical copies, the official store has you covered with CD’s and vinyls for the new release-

New Empire, Vol. 1 CD     New Empire, Vol. 1 Vinyl


Looking to rep some new HU threads to celebrate?  T-shirt bundles including either the CD or vinyl release listed above, a new tee with a design based on the album artwork, and black tye-dye Dove & Grenade emblem socks are also available-

New Empire, Vol. 1 Tee & CD Bundle     New Empire, Vol. 1 Tee & Vinyl Bundle


Looking for something warmer in February?  An alternative bundle offering features a Hollywood Undead themed wind breaker jacket with the same socks and physical media options.

Jacket & CD Bundle     Jacket & Vinyl Bundle


Finally, it wouldn’t be a new Hollywood Undead album without an ‘Ultimate’ bundle.  For New Empire, Vol. 1 you get the t-shirt, jacket, CD, vinyl, a Dove & Grenade emblem pin, and a Dove and Grenade Industries First Aid Kit which includes a Dove & Grenade ring holder, rolling papers, and grinder.

New Empire, Vol. 1 Ultimate Bundle


If you’re still looking for a digital copy of the album, check this handy link.

We should note that the site has a couple disclaimers for the new merch, letting customers know that if they place orders for multiple items that their items will not ship separately and be held until everything is in stock.  International orders may also not receive their orders on release day depending on logistical hold-ups.

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