Hollywood Undead are no strangers to having their music featured in sports broadcasts, stadiums, and films – though with the world in the state its been in the last year, its understandable that news from that front has all but dried up, especially with New Empire Vol. 1 dropping right before many countries went into social-distancing mode, but one new HU track did make its way into a stadium last year.

Shoutout to the eagle-eyed u/DIEZOMBIES19 on the r/HollywoodUndead for catching the band’s single “Heart of a Champion” playing in the background during a clip from the Winnipeg Jets warming up a few months ago – the video features Nikolaj Ehlers interacting with some younger fans with that familiar jam playing in the background.

Check out the snippet embedded below-

yall hear that background from HollywoodUndead

Here’s to things going back to some form of normalcy in the New Year, and maybe catching more HU in sporting events in 2021 to make up for last year.


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