With a variety of Apple-exclusive Hollywood Undead tracks becoming super accessible all of the sudden, our very own Vik Winchester reminded yours-truly that some of the more forgotten tracks have actually escaped exclusivity for a while now, but it just might not be very common knowledge among fans.

Back in 2009, the iTunes exclusive release of Desperate Measures included “City” (Live) as a bonus 14th track (which is still available as of this writing on iTunes/Apple Music).  However, fans who preordered the compilation release would also receive a pre-order-exclusive 15th track, “Bottle And A Gun” (Live) – which has been legally unavailable ever since Desperate Measures released in the Fall of 2009. 

Tidal subscribers can actually stream both tracks now though, but they have to stream the specific audio/video release of Desperate Measures to find the bonus tracks.

As always, we’re hopeful these relatively obscure tracks will eventually get a wider release as time goes on, alongside the still-AWOL Best Buy exclusives.