3 Pill Morning - Press Photo 2016
3 Pill Morning - Press Photo 2016

3 Pill Morning is preceding their new album with the anthemic title track, “Never Look Back”. The track is featured on their upcoming sophomore album Never Look Back due out July 29.

“We are really stoked for people to hear the title track on the album ‘Never Look Back.’  It was one of the coolest songs to write, as we got to work with Charlie Scene from Hollywood Undead. He’s a super talented dude and really wanted to push us into a different area with the song and really think about what we’re trying to say,” says singer Jeff Stebbins. “The song is about the day you die—you’re looking down and did you get what you wanted out of life? How will you be remembered? Did you make an impact? I think about this a lot as we spend so much time on the road away from loved ones and I strive to be everything to everyone—great musician, a provider, a good Dad, husband, friend, etc. Am I making the right choices? Can we push on through adversity and all the challenges life has? Charlie Scene really helped bring that story to life, and the message is so important these days.”

Check out lyric video below and tell us what you think!

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