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Sell Your Soul

Hollywood Undead - Swan Songs (Cover Art)

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Song Details

Produced by: Danny Lohner & Deuce
Written by:
Deuce, Johnny 3 Tears, J-Dog, Danny Lohner
Engineered/Programmed by: Danny Lohner & Deuce
Additional Engineering: Billy Howerdel
Additional Guitars: Danny Lohner
Drums: Dean Saenz

Recorded: 2006
Released: January 2007 (Initial Release) / September 2, 2008 (Album Version)
Copyright Info:  ©2007 Songs of Octone / Hollywood Undead Music (BMI) / Wish It Away (ASCAP)





Sell Your Soul
Swan Songs
Notes: Original album version of the song.

Sell Your Soul (Edited)
Swan Songs (Edited)
Duration: 3:14.013
Notes: This version was released on Swan Songs album. Line "They want blood and they'll kill for it" was censored with bleeping out the word "kill".

Sell Your Soul (Demo)
Hollywood Undead's MySpace, BEBO
Duration: 3:13.750
Demo version of the song. It was released in the end of January 2007 along with announcement that Hollywood Undead finished recording the album. Demo version features a different mixing, with guitars more louder than in album version. Different drum takes, and different synths mixing. Johnny 3 Tears screams in the chorus are dominating the others.