"Monsters" is the fifth track on New Empire, Vol. 2 by Hollywood Undead.

First hints of this collaboration appeared in December, 2018 when Killstation posted a list of his upcoming projects, including mention of a then-unannounced collaboration with Hollywood Undead. Later, in January of 2019 Danny and J-Dog briefly confirmed during Lead Singer Syndrome podcast, that Killstation will indeed be appearing on Hollywood Undead’s sixth album.

In the interview with Neckbreaker, Johnny 3 Tears commented,
"That song was about childhood and things like that. A lot of people, and myself included, sometimes we’re like “uhm, can I say this?” cause it feels weird talking about that stuff to strangers. Normally I say that stuff to my psychiatrist. So to talk about things that are extremely personal, in a direct way it’s was a kind of uncomfortable. But I know a lot of people have the same feelings, the goal is to bond with the people and create a relationship with people that have shared pain, I guess. That was really the goal of the song. I think probably that song had the vast majority of Hollywood Undead, it’s probably the most vulnerable song we’ve made. It wasn’t comfortable to write, but I feel like there’s a lot of people who through the same stuff, so why don’t try to talk to them and create that bond between us."

Monsters - Hollywood Undead (Song)

Writing / Production Credits

Written by Jorel Decker, George Ragan, Daniel Murillo, Nolan Santana
Produced by Matt Good

Mixed by Matt Good
Mastered by Matt Good
Mastered at 
Recorded at MDDN Studios - Los Angeles, CA in December, 2018
Released on December 4th, 2020
Published by ℗ 2020 The Hollywood Undead California Limited Partnership Under Exclusive License to BMG Rights Management (US) LLC


All these Monsters are real, all these monsters are real
It wasn't in my head, all these monsters are real
They’re underneath my bed, yeah all this monsters are real
Yeah all these monsters are real, they’re underneath my bed yeah

Johnny 3 Tears:
Cemetery walls in Glassell Park
Some people die before it gets dark
Down on Drew Street, they'll test your heart
You better test back or they'll rip you apart
How do you escape a voice in the next room?
Show me a home, I'll show you a tomb
A dead memory to a dead melody
Is that what you're selling me? Your picket fence dream?
No innocence lost, no innocence gone
No one's innocent, it was you all along
Nothing washes it away, no such thing as better days
Not a single story, I'd tell a single soul
A long goodbye, I guess that's how it goes
The monsters are real, and everybody knows
That under the bed, the monsters will show

I remember waking up and having rats in the kitchen
No screens on the windows, that shit ain't no fiction
There were too many mouths and too many children
But the world don't give a fuck about us and our feelings
Looking up, are you listening? 'Cause I'm on my knees
Even though I'm not a Christian, listen, I might be
One in a million, 'cause I made it out of that kitchen
Now my friends are rats and they're snitching
I never wanted to be a millionaire
I just want to make music
I said, Lord, are you even there?
Maybe you'll show up if I wreck this Buick
I have to prove it, growing up, I grabbed a fifth
I never had shit, so how could I lose it?
Monsters are real, everybody knows
Under the bed, the monsters will show

I'm running from the monster now
I can't escape, it holds me down
I have become the monster now
I hate my face, I love the sound
Of running from the monster now
You can't escape, I hold you down
You have become the monster now
I need to leave this goddamn town