Comin’ Thru The Stereo (feat. Hyro the Hero)


I am in my own lane
You and me are not the same
You a pain in the ass im a major pain to the brain
In my old age i'll be pimping with my cane
Big gold rope chain flossing in the hall of fame
Yeah I wanna be the goat better be cautious
Don't approach something like a magic show
All this fire in my throat huh
No Barnum and Bailey but I am crazy I got two sides like slim shady if you fuck around then its
Rock a bye baby i'm amazing
Prepared for any occasion
Ready for any situation I comes out with guns blazing
Im chilling I ain't chasin’
Complex never basic
That sound in the background is me in my spaceship

I’m going to the top and nobodys gonna stop me now
Another nightmare and it’s coming through the stereo.
Keep going til I drop and the hands on the clock run out.
Another nightmare and it’s coming through the stereo.
Straight out the gate got them bodies droppin’
Ain’t no grave that can hold my coffin. Another nightmare and it’s coming through the stereo.

Turn off the television, Turn up the stereo, we’ve got some dead motherfuckers hyro on the radio
I ain’t here to cash a check ain’t no ice on my neck
I’m here collecting bodies everybody hit the fucking deck.
I’ll crack a head, and crack a smile, what the fuck it’s been a while, dead man walking, what’s another fucking mile.
Talk that shit but cop the style check me out me out, check the file a perfect 10 on that dial and all you bitches in denial.
I’ll keep digging graves cuz that’s just what I do got some jack feeling brave yes that’s 100 proof.
You’re dropping bombs I’m dropping nukes and I’m prolly dropping 2, And if you’re fucking breathing and dirt the songs about you.

Someone here is gonna have to let you know this is my time and it's etched in stone
If you bow down then I’ll bless your soul I’m the ghost inside of your stereo