They say ‘manuscripts don’t burn’, but what about music?  Genuine art can be indestructible, eternal – just so long as someone is around to appreciate it.

To celebrate the sixth anniversary of the ‘Five’ album, we’ve dipped back into the Undead Army Vault again for some more “lost media”! 

We believe that demos are crucial in understanding the creative process behind a project, whether that be for a specific song or viewed as a puzzle piece that makes up an entire album concept.  

As a listener, getting to peek into the artistic journey and learning about the steps taken along the way can be illuminating – the “what could have been”s, and hearing those early concepts to see what made the cut to the finished piece.  

There’s also a certain level of vulnerability when hearing a track before all the polish, that in some cases might even make you fall in love with a song – either for the first time, or maybe all over again.

So in celebration of this and the community’s collective love for 2017’s “Five”, we’ve put together our own fan-made lyric video for one of the previously-released demos, “Hamburg” (which was briefly available on the defunct Undead Army app last year).  Hopefully this gives this lost gem a little more exposure and appreciation from the die-hard fans, and, who knows, if reception works out well there might be more to follow – BRB! 

Check out the full clip here, or embedded above via our YouTube Channel.