February has been a super busy month in the Undead Army app for free and premium subscribers.  We ran one roundup post partway through the month, but with the month about to close out we’d like to highlight all the Hotel Kalifornia, New Empire and Rockzilla: The Second Leg content that dropped all February long in the app to give folks a better idea of what’s going on with the Undead Army during a given month-

New Empire Vol. 1 Anniversary Celebration:

Free For All Members – “Heart of a Champion” (Instrumental)

Premium Members – “Upside Down” (Instrumental)

Free For All Members – New Empire Volume 1 Quiz

Premium Members – “Killin It” (Instrumental)

Premium Members – “Time Bomb” (Instrumental)

Premium Members – New Empire Vol. 1 Signed Vinyl Giveaway


Rockzilla The Second Leg Tour:

Free For All Members – “Everywhere I Go” Live at Emo Night Chicago TikTok Livestream Reupload

Premium Members – Rockzilla Tour BTS Photo Gallery: Rochester & Ontario

Premium Members – Rockzilla Tour BTS Photo Gallery: Greensboro & Youngstown

Free For All Members – Rockzilla Tour Hunstville Performance Livestream

Premium Members – Rockzilla Tour BTS Photo Gallery: Lexington & Chicago

Free For All Members – Rockzilla Tour Ontario Performance Livestream


Hotel Kalifornia:

Premium Members – “Lion Eyes” Music Video Early Access

Free For All Members – Yours & Theirs Valentine’s Day Giveaway


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