Now for something totally different – in our spare time we’ve put together our own living-playlist that we plan to update periodically sorting the entire Hollywood Undead catalog on Spotify by total stream count. 

Ever wonder what the most popular tracks of all time are on the platform?  Want to know which songs have the fewest streams?  This playlist has you covered-


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Vik Winchester
For over a decade now, "Vik Winchester" has become a household name for intrepid Undead Army fans the world over. Vik first burst onto the scene in 2009, but his tumblog “Thoughts of Undead” exploded in popularity in 2011 with the pre-launch hype of American Tragedy. Since then, Vik has provided the entire Hollywood Undead community with a wide array of rare tracks, curated interviews, album pre-release information, tour announcements, and countless other pieces of HU ephemera and lost media as well as serving as the webmaster for SCNFDM and managing a good chunk of the site's social content.