The 72 day North America 2017 Tour has come to an end, let’s take a moment to relive the tour with this collection of social media posts chronicling the band’s journey.

The tour featured support from In This Moment, Demrick, and Butcher Babies depending on where you caught a show, and even included a couple of festivals like Louder than Life and Aftershock.

The stage setup was changed up significantly for the first time in a while, now with a single drumkit and large lit palm trees, pyro, and a huge Hollywood Undead sign all decorated the band’s sets from night to night.  The tour also gave us the first live appearances of the Five black/gold masks, and the red/white masks saw a return during the Canadian leg of the tour.

This was a tour of firsts, with band videographer Brian Cox joining the crew on the road, and really setting the bar high with the social media content he helped produce night after night for the band and their various accounts. This was also the band’s first tour on their now independent streak, leaving fans wondering how things may change for the band, with them having left the labels behind and inking a new management deal along the way.

This tour was also a finale for others, being the band’s last run with hired gun drummer and touring member Tyler Mahurin, at least for now.  The countdown to the band’s much hyped fifth album also came to a conclusion, with the explosive release of Five just in time for Halloween.

The set-list morphed as the tour went on, while oldies like “City” have faded from the nightly gigs, fans were introduced to newer tracks like “California Dreaming” and other tracks like “Renegade” and “Riot” would follow after the album had enough time to get into the head’s of the fans.  The intro to sets was changed with the addition of “Whatever It Takes”, with members coming out bit by bit in stages as the song was performed, giving each band member their own personal audience pop.   Fans from all over the continent got to go up on stage and strut their shit and get punked by the band, and listener’s were treated to a variety of covers including “Mary Jane’s Last Dance” and “What I Got”.

We’ve gathered a mountain of social media posts from our timelines, the band members, the crew, and more and put them in (roughly) chronological order so you can relive the entire tour from beginning to end.  We had a lot of fun bother covering tour news and attending a handful of shows ourselves, but for now the band and crew have earned some much needed rest as we head into the holidays before the 2018 tours kick in-




























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