The wait is almost over Hollywood Undead faithful, after a mysterious count down appeared on the band’s Official TikTok page over a week ago, followed by daily teasers on the band’s social media accounts, the cat is finally (or at least officially) out of the bag.  HU’s first new track since February’s New Empire Volume One dropped will be “Idol” featuring hip hop legend Tech N9ne!  A music video also looks to be in the works, read on for more on what we’ve been able to glean about the new single-

First off let’s check out the reveal for the cover art, featuring nods to Danny’s mask designs from previous albums-

Fans can pre-save the track now on Apple Music, Spotify, and Deezer using this dedicated link.

The last three days have featured countdown animations slowly spelling out the title of the track-


Playing the samples through music identification service Shazam confirms some of the audio is coming from Friday’s release as well.

It also looks like Hollywood Undead and Fudd Rukus recently flew out to the Midwest to shoot a music video for the new collaboration.  All signs point to Tech N9ne is on deck to show up in the video, set to be directed by Wombat Fire – who previously directed “Empire” a few months ago.  (No word on what became of the previous music video filmed for the live rendition of “Heart of a Champion” right as shut downs started to grip the music industry.)  Check some clips and pics from the set below-


Finally, the BMI database lists Matt Good as the producer, and also indicates a version of “Idol” without Tech’s guest feature also exists and possibly predates the single that’s about to drop-

With time zones being what they are, we can expect to get our first taste of “Idol” in New Zealand in a matter of hours as the song goes live on streaming platforms on a timezone-by-timezone basis.  Stay tuned to Scene for Dummies as we enter the next phase for HU!

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