In case you missed it – SoCal based Rocom dropped his new album this past week, So So.  Hollywood Undead’s own Funny Man called attention to a specific cut off the release in his IG story – “Big” (feat. IfDeez, Bradlee Baxter, Kool Lips From The Palm Tree Inn, King of Somewhere & Lex Lingo) – with a brand new verse from Alvarez on the song.

Folks may remember Funny using the Kool Lips moniker as his Reddit handle while conducting his AMA on r/music to promote New Empire Vol. 2 late last year ahead of that album’s release.

With 2020 and a good chunk of 2021 being a non-start for touring – we’ve seen the various members of HU branch out into solo efforts and collaborations with other artists during the downtime from traveling.  Whether Funny plans to expand on the Kool Lips From The Palm Tree Inn name like J3T did with his solo release last month as George Ragan The Dead Son remains to be seen, but for now listeners can check out the official upload for “Big” on YouTube embedded above.