We’ve got more numbers for the math nerds out there to crunch on today as we analyze Hollywood Undead’s Spotify Wrapped stats, which the band shared to social media a few days ago, and how the band’s listenership has grown in the year without a tour that was 2021-

  • The band’s annual streams hiked from 294.4 million to a sizable increase of 334.4 million, that’s a little over a 13.5% increase in streams across their discography on the platform.
  • With the additional streams comes more listening hours, up 1.9 million hours from 2020, listeners clocked in 18 million hours of Hollywood Undead tunes on their device(s) of choice, just shy of a 12% increase to match the individual streams.
  • The band’s audience also continue to balloon on Spotify in 2021 – up to 16.3 million – a huge chunk of growth featuring nearly a 30% increase in listenership.
  • Finally, and most impressively in terms of growth percentages, the band’s global reach nearly doubled at just over a 90% increase from last year’s 92 countries, to an impressive 175 countries.
  • All of this in a year without a tour or a new album!

Check out the full stats from HU’s socials below for 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021 to chart the band’s growth for yourself!