In what some fans would call “only a matter of time”, Hollywood Undead were finally awarded a variety of Platinum and Gold RIAA song certifications for tracks throughout their catalog last week.  The specifics according to Loudwire were as follows-


  • “Undead” from Swan Songs
  • “Everywhere I Go” from Swan Songs


  • “City” from Swan Songs
  • “Young” from Swan Songs
  • “Black Dahlia” from Swan Songs
  • “No. 5” from Swan Songs
  • “Comin’ in Hot” from American Tragedy
  • “Hear Me Now” from American Tragedy
  • “Bullet” from American Tragedy
  • “We Are” from Notes From the Underground
  • “Day of the Dead” from Day of the Dead

Congrats to HU, we’re looking forward to more news on when/if the band’s album certifications get updated as well, since American Tragedy has been sitting at gold for years, any day now…