Eager Hollywood Undead fans who attended or streamed one of the band’s most recent shows may have noticed a new face perched behind the drum kit, and now we finally have a name to put to the face!

Greg Garman made his on stage debut with the band as the newest touring drummer with the band’s July 25th set in Hampton Beach, with subsequent shows in Poughkeepsie, Bangor, and Montreal to round out the month of July.  Garman’s résumé features a variety of acts from throughout the industry, including drumming for Selena Gomez, Filter, Pentatonix, Holy Wars, and more.

Fans can follow Greg through these outlets-

@GregGarmanDrums on Facebook
@GregGarman on Twitter
@GregGarman on Instagram
GregGarman on YouTube

With just four shows under his belt, Garman already seems to be enjoying his stint with HU, check out some posts from his Instagram below-



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