Back in 2020, Funny Man took some time to talk with Lou Alpizar of Mexico City-based culture/entertainment company Cultura Colectiva about the New Empire volumes, the band’s then upcoming House Party livestream show.  Now we’ve done our own by-hand translation of the original interview text for our English-speaking readers.  Check out the full translation embedded below, and check back soon for our own archived interview post on the original Spanish version-

“Playing in front of a screen is such a bitch”

A conversation with Dylan Alvarez: Funny Man from Hollywood Undead

This December 18, Christmas will arrive with an extreme dose of rap and metal as the glorious American band Hollywood Undead arrives with the best of their show in a new format that you can enjoy from home: Hollywood Undead House Party. In Cultura Colectiva we had the opportunity to talk to Dylan Álvarez, also known as Funny Man, who told us a little about the upcoming show.


Hollywood Undead presented twin albums this year: New Empire Vol. 1 and New Empire Vol. 2, which Dylan describes as a single album, because for a month they locked themselves in the recording studio and created one song a day. In the end they ended up creating 30 songs that ended up being divided into what they called the strong album and the soft album. While volume 1 has the best of metal and hip hop, the second edition has slow and even a little melancholic songs. Funny Man believes that it has been a new and very diverse experience.


That’s what music is all about: Hollywood Undead has remained open-minded. With the help of the famous guitarist and producer of From First to Last, Matt Good, the band began mixing new shows. Dylan thinks that Matt is a very talented man who simply feels and knows what Hollywood Undead was trying to find, thus forming an unstoppable musical amalgam. “We write our own songs, but this son of a bitch can sit down and tell us “open the drinks and let’s work,” before making us sound exactly as we want.”


This is how Hollywood Undead works, with preparation and great ideas. That’s why for this occasion they have in their hands a powerful show that will make old fans lose their minds.


Dylan knows that this won’t be a regular show: “it will be like being backstage but doing what we know best: having fun.” He knows that they have something never before seen in their hands, and he definitely wants it to reach as many eyes as possible.


“Before this interview, I talked to a reporter who said he didn’t like online shows and in fact, I expected that… but I also hope people are curious. I myself am curious to see what happens, because there are some fans who are very excited and for so many others, this is their first concert. On the other hand, I think that playing behind a damn screen sucks, but it’s what it is, so we will do the best we can.”


Filming Hollywood Undead: Houseparty with a director and a producer in charge was a very, very long day. Dylan felt it was as if they were recording a comedy series and so he sees it for all the bands that are doing it: like being on a TV show. “The more I do these interviews, the more I realize that it’s like playing for a talk show.” Remember that this event will be broadcast on December 18 at 5PM on


Mexico, 6PM in Colombia and 7PM in Argentina and you can buy your ticket here.


With songs like “Time Bomb”, “Monsters” or “Unholy”, Funny Man feels that the new songs they had been playing from Vol. 1 are the most exciting part of the show because they remind him how abrupt it was to cancel the tour two weeks before its closure due to the pandemic. So in his own words: no matter if you will have a huge party or it will only be you relaxing in your armchair as long as you have a damn 12 pack of beers and your snack at hand, Hollywood Undead still has a lot to offer you and there will be some surprises that you will not know where they came from.


Let the party begin!

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