Hollywood Undead officially started pre-production on their fifth studio album in late 2016. Fans were first clued in when band members began posting photos from their home studios later in the year. The band subsequently appeared on MDDN’s official website not long after as one of the firm’s current clients. MDDN is best known as a music management company founded by Joel and Benji Madden. Fans were only able to speculate on social media about their involvement with MDDN until Scene for Dummies received confirmation from Johnny 3 Tears that the band decided to go independent after concluding their contract with Interscope Records with the release of Day of the Dead. In the weeks that followed, the band continued working on acquiring a distribution deal with the help of their new management firm.

Johnny 3 Tears also confirmed a shortlist of producers who would be assisting with the band’s fifth album. Longtime collaborators Griffin Boice and Sean Gould returned to the fold to offer their production skills on several tracks that would ultimately end up on the final version of the record. In addition, Johnny stated that they wanted to work with “fresh blood” for this record cycle. Part of this came in the form of Courtney Ballard, a writer/producer/sound engineer for MDDN Studios. Ballard would ultimately end up producing and contributing to the writing process on some of the tracks which appear on Five. Tracking for the album was finished in May 2017, while mixing was completed in later in the Summer.

Five (Hollywood Undead Album)


Record Label: Dove & Grenade Media / BMG
Release Date: October 27, 2017
Formats: CD, Digital Download, Vinyl
Length: 52:12


# Title Produced by Length
01 California Dreaming Sean Gould 03:54
02 Whatever It Takes Charlie Scene 03:07
03 Bad Moon 03:52
04 Ghost Beach 03:54
05 Broken Record Charlie Scene 03:39
06 Nobody's Watching 03:58
07 Renegade Courtney Ballard 03:03
08 Black Cadillac (feat. B-Real) 03:47
09 Pray (Put'Em in the Dirt) Griffin Boice 04:24
10 Cashed Out Christian Dold 03:29
11 Riot Charlie Scene 03:47
12 We Own the Night Sean Gould 04:02
13 Bang Bang Sean Gould 03:40
14 Your Life Courtney Ballard, Jared Poythress 03:25



Album Credits

Hollywood Undead

Johnny 3 Tears
Charlie Scene
Funny Man

Art Direction

Art Direction & Design by Randall Leddy
Photography by Jake Stark
Mask Maker: Jerry Constantine


Management: MDDN
Product Management: Jason Hradil
A&R Administration: JJ Knerr

Production / Technical

Sean Gould - Production ("California Dreaming", "We Own the Night" and "Bang Bang")
Courtney Ballard - Production ("Renegade", "Your Life")
Griffin Boice - Production ("Pray")
Christian Dold - Production ("Cashed Out")
Jared Poythress - Production ("Your Life")
Dan Lancaster - Mixing
Rhys May - Mix Assistant
Brian “Big Bass” Gardner - Mastering

Additional Musicians

Tommy Lee - Drums on "Pray"
Dean Butterworth - Drums on "California Dreaming", "We Own the Night", "Bang Bang"
Collin Swanky - Drums on "Renegade"
Danny Lohner - Guitar & Bass on "Pray"
Griffin Boice - Guitar, Piano and Strings on "Pray"
Henry Flury - Guitar on "Renegade"
MUSYCA Children's Choir, Oliver Clinger and Liam Clinger - Additional Vocals on "California Dreaming"
Da’Jon James, Ernest Harrison, Jairus Gil, Isabella Custino, Kate Crellin, and Tiah Barnes - Additional Vocal on "Nobody's Watching"


iTunes Charts

Country Peak Position
Czechia Czech Republic 1
Hungary Hungary 1
Russia Russia 1
Ukraine Ukraine 1
United States of America United States 2
Sweden Sweden 2
Finland Finland 3
isr Israel 2
Norway Norway 1

Billboard Charts

Chart Peak Position
Hot Rock Songs ("Whatever It Takes") 44
Hot Rock Songs ("California Dreaming") 46

Album Reviews

Date Outlet Language Score
September 07, 2017 Calles Rock Corner Dutch 3/6


Five (Hollywood Undead Album - LP)

Five (LP Vinyl)

Record Label: Dove & Grenade Media / BMG
Release Date: October 27, 2017
Formats: LP
Length: 52:01


Hollywood Undead's fifth studio album pressed on vinyl.

Five (Only @ Best Buy) [Hollywood Undead's Album)

Five (Only @ Best Buy)

Record Label: Dove & Grenade Media / BMG
Release Date: October 27, 2017
Formats: CD
Length: 52:01


Limited edition of Hollywood Undead's fifth studio album features an exclusive bandana. Available only at Best Buy.

Five (Hollywood Undead's Album)

Five (CD – EU Version)

Record Label: Dove & Grenade Media / BMG
Release Date: October 27, 2017
Formats: CD, Digital Download
Length: 52:01


EU Pressing of 'Five' CD.

Five (Hollywood Undead's Album)

Five (LP – EU Version)

Record Label: Dove & Grenade Media / BMG
Release Date: October 27, 2017
Formats: LP
Length: 52:01